Saturday, March 12, 2011

Latest Kitchen Plan

We got the latest kitchen design from Craftsman Design and Renovation last week. Most of the hardware and small details have been fixed in the drawings, though we're still working on the tile design. All of the cabinets will be made out of stained FSC-certified douglas fir and the base cabinets will have a piece of trim, a shoe molding, that reaches down to the floor and will make them look more period. The countertop and sink are going to be made of Minas Verde soapstone (which we've already had shipped from California).

Here are drawings, in clockwise order. This first diagram is the overall floor plan of the kitchen and adjacent ½ bath and pantry closet.This is the "pantry wall" facing away from the sink towards the back wall. This wall will be most visible and we're doing our best to make this look as period as possible. The cabinet on the left will be built in a period style with glass and beadboard backing.This is the side wall, with the exterior window. We're getting a copper hood made and we're pretty excited. We're also still trying to work out the details of the tile behind the range; we may buy some custom arts & crafts-style tiles to go along with our reproduction subway tiles. We are using a fairly modern looking range; a Blue Star that Jeff really wants.This is facing the sink, which will overlook the backyard after the remodel. (The current sink looks out the side and we get to stare at the side of our neighbor's house while doing dishes.) We decided to go with a farmhouse-style sink because we're having one made out of matching soapstone. Farmhouse sinks are not actually period for the 1910's era, they were earlier, but this is another one of those compromises we're making because we like it. =) We're getting an antique-style bridge faucet. Also, the integrated Miele dishwasher is to the right of the sink and will have a panel to hopefully help disguise it.This is facing the refrigerator. We're getting a Sub-Zero refrigerator which will be fitted with wood panels to help disguise the fact that it's a great big appliance. The microwave is to the left of the refrigerator, and is going to be below the counter. Presumably guests will only see the microwave if they come all the way into the kitchen.

For the cabinet hardware, we are going with House of Antique Hardware's bin cup pull and cupboard latch.

The light fixtures in the kitchen are from Rejuvenation—the Jefferson and the Rose City. We're getting closed-shade lights because we're likely to use funky-looking light bulbs—either CFLs or LEDs, when they become available.

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