Thursday, March 10, 2011

Final Exams!

Last night, Sharon finished up the last of her class lectures and now only has final exams remaining. Two of her classes have fully-take-home finals which need to be completed and emailed to the instructors. One class has a take-home component to the final which must be completed and then brought in when she arrives at the in-class portion and the last class final is taken fully in class.

From the looks of the one take-home final she's received (Intellectual Property), it's going to take many hours to complete. The exam is straight-forward, but it's going to be quite a bit of writing. She's probably going to have to spend most of the weekend on her schoolwork, which is definitely going to set back our packing schedule.

If she can just manage to focus for one more week on her classes, she should pull out a decent quarter grade-wise. But it is so hard when there are so many other—more fun—things to do. (Packing and cleaning are more fun than doing finals, unfortunately.)

While Sharon only has two classes left to complete the paralegal program, attendance next quarter is in doubt. Since she transferred into PCC pretty recently, she has a pretty late registration slot. And by the time she got to register, her last two classes were already full. =( If she really wanted to be persistent, she could probably manage to get the instructors to add her on the first day of class, but it is so tempting to simply skip next quarter and have time to deal with remodel projects.

Currently, she is hoping we'll strip the upstairs woodwork ourselves, which will involve quite a bit of time and effort. We'll either try and strip in place or pull pieces for dipping, depending on where the woodwork is and how difficult it looks to strip by hand.

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  1. I understand the temptation to take a quarter off, but this certification has been so long in coming. It might be worth it to just dive in and finish, even with the remodel in progress. Heck, it's a great excuse to get out of the house--gotta go to the library to study! Good luck! Making plans for an Easter weekend trip south. LMK if you'll be around. Hugs!