Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Basement Bathroom Cabinet

We originally planned to install a pedestal sink in the basement bathroom. Then, because there is zero storage space down there, we thought we should try and find a salvaged wood cabinet for the bathroom. We've poked around several salvage places but have had a hard time finding something that was the right size; they were never the right width.

Well, this week we caved and ordered a custom-built cabinet. We got a good reference from Skye over at Rose City Bungalow and we decided getting this project done would be a huge relief.
We obviously ordered it unfinished and we'll finish it with the rest of the woodwork in the bathroom. This however is a project for this summer. Rebuilding the garage is a priority this year. We need some shop space to work on projects! Working in the basement just doesn't work very well. It creates dust and odors in the house and would be so much better in a garage.

After much searching around (4 stores!), we finally found a tiny ¼-inch hemlock moulding to use to hold in our leaded glass panels. Though it's almost too small, and we would have preferred fir to match the rest of the wood—we'll take what we can find.

We guess it's time to do some staining!

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