Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leaded Glass Panels Cemented!

Jeff spent a fairly unpleasant week cementing leaded glass panels. While the process isn't particularly difficult, it is messy and smells awful! Again, we're not going to presume to give a tutorial as there are far better resources available elsewhere:

Cementing: How to Weatherproof and Strengthen Leaded Glass Panels
How to Cement Leaded Glass Windows

Jeff's finally finished all 10 panels and the last two are drying. He has also started installing the panels in the cabinet doors. It is a fairly slow process because the mouldings and nails are so tiny, and he's working right next to the glass. He has to be very careful.

The kitchen is done!! It's difficult to get a good picture of this glass because there is a ceiling height cabinet facing it. But now that there's finally glass to prevent dust, we've cleaned out the cabinet and commenced sprucing it up!

The colonnade glass is still in progress. Jeff still needs to put in lots of tiny nails!
Colonnade doors ready for nailing in mouldings
The hemlock didn't quite take the stain as darkly as the fir. Since we're mostly out of time, they'll have to do.

Here are a few photos from the cementing process. It's really messy!!

Brushing cement into leading channels
Applying whiting to absorb excess cement
Scrubbing off excess whiting dust
Adding more whiting to clean up last of the cement
Final pass with the scrub brush
Detail pass to clean excess cement
Using fid to scrape off cement goo along edges

Then let dry for 24 hours before installing

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