Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Struggling with SketchUp

Planning a garage and fence in SketchUp was much easier. LOL

I have spent hours and hours trying to plan out our master bathroom remodel in SketchUp. It took me a couple hours to "build" the cabinet and now I've spent hours and hours (all night, really) laying out the tile. Probably it would be faster if I did a bunch of tutorials to learn how to use SketchUp better and then return to the planning because it's very easy to mess things up.

I plan to add some tile above the design, but I haven't decided what yet. And I still have to figure out the shower that goes in the corner.

This is, obviously, just a starting point.

And the proposed shower plan a few hours later. Not sure if this is doable, but we will try.
I plan to edge all this tile with a trim piece (probably a bull nose), but I really don't feel like drawing all these little tile pieces in. I'm hoping we can get colored tiles for the edge pieces.

I prepared this plan mostly to give the subs a good idea of what we want. I don't think I have to add every tiny detail. At least I hope not, because this is tedious as hell.


  1. I just do not have the patience for something like sketch up. The last time I used a program like that, it was to diagram hydraulic systems. I hated every minute of it. Kudos to you.

    1. I don't really like using SketchUp, but I'll have deal with enough contractors that I think it's important this time to show them what I want. Especially the cabinet and tile because I'll probably be working via email.