Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Time for Stencils!

I am done painting! I'm doing the happy dance today.
It really helps to get an early start to get these projects done. It's been easier this week since I seem to be sleeping at night again. Probably the exercise helps. :D

I'm hoping to put up a stencil in the frieze on Friday. I'll be doing some tryouts for options tomorrow. These are the two stencils I'm considering. I'd obviously be changing colors.
Mission Pansy and Morning Glory

Mission Trout Lily
Both of these are from American Home Stencils, Craftsman/Mission collection.

My electrician FINALLY called back and he'll be coming out soon. Now this project is just being held up by the floor refinishing which may not happen until September, unless I can find another contractor. :(

Update on Thursday: We pulled up the floor masking and I took new pictures which I've now posted.

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