Friday, July 3, 2015

Car Shopping

There aren't many things worse than car shopping. Now throw in 90ºF+ heat. Yup, that's how our day went. Jeff has a friend who wants to buy our Toyota Highlander and we're happy to sell it to him. But at this point, we only have the one vehicle, so we're looking for a replacement.

We're looking for a plug-in hybrid. Our short list (in no particular order): Ford Fusion, Ford C-Max, and Chevy Volt. We aren't really considering the Toyota Prius given how dissatisfied we've been with Toyota.
Ford Fusion
Chevy Volt
Jeff also likes the Ford C-Max, but we didn't end up with a picture of it. Here is one from the Ford website.
Ford C-Max
It looks more like how you expect hybrids to look. I like the conventional car look of the Fusion and Volt better. That being said, Jeff is doing all the test driving and he'll probably end up picking which he likes driving best.

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