Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Good Progress Today

The guys had a good day today working on backyard projects. Jeff did a quick pressure wash of my planting table. Once it dries out, I'm going to use a sealer on the tabletop and shelf before it moves into the basement.
Then he pressure-washed the wall along the property line. We didn't realize quite how dirty it was until he started cleaning it.
Then he wrapped up by pressure washing the shed so we can start priming/painting it in a few days (or whenever it dries out).
While Jeff worked on the pressure washing, Aaron worked on shuffling pavers and clearing the vegetation from the new garden path they'll be installing soon. This is the rough layout.
The path is comprised of the last of the pavers we have laying around. Before we buy anything new, we're trying to use up all the salvage laying around the yard.

And I finished the last coat of stain for the next salvaged wood furniture project we're working on.
If the weather cooperates, I'm hoping we assemble it tomorrow.


  1. What a difference a little bit of water makes! (I say the same thing when I shower!;0))

    That potting bench looks so sturdy, and no doubt it will get a lot of use.
    Love the pathway and that you are using what is already there.

    Enjoy your day!