Friday, August 23, 2019

Operation Organize Garage

Building all of these salvage projects has given us the confidence to take on a bigger project: Garage De-Disastering. There is so much stuff in there right now it is impossible to work inside. This is what it looks like today (and shockingly this is actually better than it was a few weeks ago before Aaron and Jeff put a bunch of shingles up in the rafters.)
I'd really like to take everything out and organize all the smaller stuff into tubs. And we'll also finally get rid of the remaining SCA gear we no longer use. Some of it is crammed into the back corner so we haven't been able to get to it to rehome it all.

I looked around for some easy-to-build tub storage shelves and I decided to go with the garage storage wall design from the Family Handyman website. As usual, though, I'm not going to use their exact design; I needed to change some of the dimensions to better fit the 56- and 28-quart Sterilite tubs.
This is two racks, side-by-side. The white boxes
represent the dimensions of the tubs we're going to use.
This design requires almost no cutting; we only have to cut 5 sheets of plywood in half the long way. All the rest of the pieces are 8'. This is a 16' run of shelves and we should be able to fit it along the left-side wall.

This is not our next project. First, we have to finish painting the shed. And then we have to finish prepping the soil and planting all the plants in the Hidden Garden behind the garage. After those tasks are finished, we can hopefully turn our attention to this project.

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  1. You're speaking my language! I love all things organized. I look forward to seeing your project come to life. ;0D