Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plumbing Repaired

...but unfortunately we now have a hole in the wall in the one bathroom we were hoping NOT to remodel! Indeed, this is probably the bathroom we'll be using while living in the house during the renovation.

I was going to hire my own plumber, but since we've already hired a remodel company, our contractor just sent out one of his subcontractors to fix it for us.

The pipe they replaced was pretty gross. It was cracked and plugged and quite the mess. In fact, we still need to snake the rest of the line, but at least the sink is operational and NOT leaking out the living room ceiling. =)

This is the first time I had a plumber come out who didn't have a snake in his truck, but I guess this plumber normally just installs new bathrooms and doesn't normally fix them. He asked if we wanted him to come back and snake the line, but we decided to buy the snake ourselves as we'll no doubt need one with the cranky plumbing in this house. Hopefully my father can help us learn how to use it.

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