Friday, June 1, 2012

Guest Bedroom Start

We haven't gotten the guest bedroom completely emptied out, but we moved the furniture to one side. We'll continue to empty this room out as we work around the room. We masked the floor and got all the tools to the room and we're ready to go. The window sill and frame were started last summer when the window was replaced. We're still dealing with a lack of energy, but we're trying to keep moving along on this project. (This guest bedroom MUST be done by early December, my father and step-mother are coming to stay with us for a week.)

We haven't emptied out the closet either. These two missing doors are the doors I've finished stripping already. We'll rehang them once we strip the paint off the door jambs.

My current plan is to finish this bedroom and then have the floors finished in both the master bedroom and this bedroom at the same time.

After 2 or 3 hours of effort, the first pass on half the baseboard is done.

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