Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slow Progress

The last few days we've been slowly chipping away at our two projects: 1) emptying out the garage and 2) stripping paint upstairs.

The garage is an absolute pigsty and we're so looking forward to having a nice, dry, rodent-free garage again. Even though we took everything out last summer and cleaned it up, it has a bunch of rodents living in it so it again has squirrel and rat poop everywhere. It is SO GROSS! There are really no pictures worth posting.

I have listed a few things on craigslist for free and at liquidation prices and they're moving out fairly well. The stuff we're keeping is going off to storage on Thursday.

We've also slowly worked at paint stripping upstairs. I have learned to appreciate the wonderful job our paint stripping team did last year. This job stinks. But, we are making good progress. All but one small piece of baseboard has had the first pass with the heat gun. (We need to rehang the master bedroom doors in order to uncover that last piece of baseboard.)

We're going to replace the painted picture rail because it would be very difficult to strip in place and it is installed a bit too high to be useful. We're going to install the replacement at the level of the door mouldings, like it is in the bedrooms.

The last two doors are going in to Timby's for stripping. I started to strip the sleeping porch door in the guest bedroom and I discovered it is stained underneath the paint. And I'm just too tired to to strip the bathroom door to stain-ready on both sides. They'll both go in for stripping once the garage is finished.

Based on a recommendation from Leslie over at NE Portland Bungalow, we've hired a plasterer to come in and repair the messed up plaster walls in the guest bedroom. It will probably be August before we can get the room ready for him, because we need our awesome electrician to come in and move an outlet for us, but we'll report back once we have him in.

The guest bedroom is mostly to the dental tool and sanding stage but we need to figure out some dust protection for the doorway. I don't want to cover the downstairs rooms with sanding dust.


  1. I think you guys will be very happy with John!

  2. I was going to recommend a plasterer to fix the hole rather than drywall. We drywalled instead of repairing many years ago and I was never happy with the way it turned out, but then again, he put the drywall over it rather than tearing down and starting fresh. SO many lessons learned. My brother was looking to do some plaster repair himself (or his wife, who is equally artistic and handy), but that project stagnated some time back.