Monday, June 18, 2012

Long Day of Paint Stripping

It was cool and breezy today, so the weather was perfect for paint stripping. I believe I spent more than six hours and then this afternoon Jeff joined me and spent three more. We got quite a lot done.

I got a lot of the paint off the linen cabinet, though there's still lots of detail work left. I stripped the drawers a couple weeks ago. I'm not planning to strip the inside. 

We found our first bit of damaged wood. The face frame on the linen closet  on the lower door has been broken. I'm not sure how we'll fix this and it's really hard to strip the paint out of the large cracks.

Jeff stripped a lot of the headers in the hallway.

I made a lot of good progress stripping paint in the guest bedroom. I finished doing a first pass with the chemicals on nearly all the woodwork below shoulder level. I need to get that closet cleared out so I can finish the door jamb.

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