Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bath Crown Molding

The crown molding is in! Jeff was determined to get this crown installed, even though he and Eric had never coped joints before. The joints turned out great for being his and Eric's first time doing stained crown, but Jeff did cram wood filler into the very small gaps. We'll go thru and touch it up with stain tomorrow so it won't show.
The masking on the lower woodwork is so we can apply another coat of varnish on the ceiling and paint the room (again). I also need to go thru and varnish all the stained woodwork soon.

As usual, the pictures are not that great. Maybe someday I'll learn how to take good pictures, but right now I'm too busy playing with a puppy. :D

And, excuse me, I have to post some puppy cuteness for Grandma (who wrote and asked for photos).


  1. Cute cute cute.

    I spot some duct work. Did you find a vintage grille or are you going to install a wood grille?

    Again...the doggie is adorable.

    We don't do crown because it just never looks right. That's a job that we hire out.

    1. We were expecting to hire the crown install out, but Jeff wanted to give it a try first. It was sort of a nerdy math puzzle and that's his thing. I'm happy with his result and I'm pretty picky.

      For the vent, we bought a mission oversize register from Signature Hardware. Once we paint, we'll probably go ahead and install it on the wall. We still have to buy one for the ceiling fan, but I'm sort of waiting to see if they'll send me a coupon code anytime soon because they're expensive. (I'm on their email list.)