Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tile Layout

Barrett from Reiner Tile came out for three hours today and started laying out the tile in our bathroom. Jeff enjoyed working with him figuring out how to lay out the design so it broke at the right places.
Barrett took off for 45 minutes at about 4PM to take his cat to the vet but didn't come back. Oh well, I guess it did not go well; poor kitty. Hopefully he'll come tomorrow.

George Ramos is making the cabinet and asked to delay installation so I pushed out the soapstone measuring a week, to Feb 15.


  1. I once hired a plaster guy who would work for 45 minutes and then go to lunch. He would come back hours later with a red nose and smelling like whiskey....LOL But boy could he plaster when he was plastered.

    1. I was warned he was a little flaky, but he does good tile. I really hope his tile laying is worth dealing with the rest of it.