Sunday, February 7, 2016

Making Dog Gear

When Jeff and I were shopping for the new dog child we were reminded just how much it costs to buy leashes and collars. I don't know how we manage, but we seem to lose a lot of leashes. We quite often are looking around for them when it's time to go out, so I decided I had the technology to just make more. I did have to buy some materials though.

I shopped around some and found Country Brook Design has competitive prices and collar packs, so I ordered some 1" webbing and hardware for collars and leashes for Shasta.

Then while I was cruising around, I found a cool blog that showed how you could dress up leashes with metallic trim. Well, I have a TON of metallic trim in my sewing room stash, leftover from my early SCA days when I actually thought that stuff was period. LOL

There are several websites that show how to make collars and leashes, but truthfully, I just looked at collars and leashes we already had to duplicate their construction. But I did find some good tutorials and I'll list them here.

How to Make a Boutique Style Dog Collar and Leash
Sew Your Own Dog Leash
How to Make a Fabric Covered Dog Collar

I actually started by making this leash and collar set, to practice. I'm not even sure what I'll do with it, because I don't really need it.
Then I finished Shasta a new harness and leash with Jeff's favorite colors. I'll try and get a photo of her wearing it when she's awake.
This was so much fun, I've ordered some more webbing in a thinner size so I can make gear for Bailey. I likely won't bother with the metallic trim for her until she gets a little bigger because she'll grow out of harnesses too quickly.


  1. Those look very nice. You should open an Etsy shop. Couldn't the same materials be used to make camera and guitar straps?

    1. Sure, you could make camera and guitar straps out of the same materials. I've thought of the etsy shop, but I doubt I would make money at it. Though, it might be a way to recoup some of the loss on this metallic trim that I no longer need.

  2. These look great! I have made collars for our dogs and for sale (to benefit our canine cancer nonprofit) for a long time. I started out with greyhound-size martingale collars, then worked onward to offer larger and smaller sizes. This begat buckle collars, for tags and for folks who didn't want martingales. There's a huge feeling of satisfaction to see a whole wardrobe of collars for your dogs, and to know that you made them. Also, in my case, I occasionally run across a dog in public that's wearing one of my collars. (I notice that you are also a fan of Boomerang Tags for your dog's ID. Jingling tags make me nuts, and Boomerangs are the coolest. Even Winnie, as tiny as she is, has a Boomerang tag that's just her size.)

    1. Thanks Connie, I appreciate the encouragement. I do like those tags, though they work much better when you remember to put them on before you sew. LOL I also bought two of them for Bailey: one little for now and one of the larger sizes for when she grows up in a few months.