Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chicken Coop Design

We've been trying to spend some time everyday working on small house improvement projects. And during the evenings, this week, we've been spending our time learning how to use Google SketchUp.

Last night, Sharon drafted up this preliminary design for our chicken coop. The roof is still a little messed up around that side gable; we'll still have to figure out the framing. The floor is 4'x6'.
We have a short and narrow four-panel door stored in our garage and she designed the door dimensions to accommodate this salvage door. We also have some salvaged kitchen cabinet doors that we're going to use for the small door openings, for the chicken entrance and nest box, on the exterior of the building. We're hoping we'll be able to salvage many of the scraps for this small project from when we rebuild the garage. The windows are quite small, so we'll probably be buying them new from eBay.

Jeff did some wonderful work last night framing our garage project. Though, we still need to figure out the trusses. (We've ordered some framing books from the library so we can do some research.)

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  1. Remember, if it's a 2 door, it's a chicken coupe. If it's a 4 door, it's a chicken sedan.