Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flitting from Project to Project

We've had a fairly productive week, but we've got so many projects going right now that we're just sort of flitting around working on different projects depending on our moods and the weather.

Sharon made further progress stripping the guest bedroom closet door. It's nearly finished. She's just working at picking paint out of the corners of the moulding in the recessed panels. As usual, it's slow going.
Paint stripping nearly done
Jeff started digging out a "path" on the planting strip at the street. This will help when we walk across the ground to the car and the ground is muddy. He didn't quite have time to finish it before it got dark and today it's raining.
Laying out path
Digging out path

We've precisely measured the lead caming on our existing leaded glass panels. (We had to borrow a tool that would measure in 32nds of the inch.) We believe we know what size outer border we need to order now and we're planning to get that done next week.

We spent a couple hours shuffling storage so the furniture was accessible from the front and so we can start bringing over stuff from the garage to get ready for its remodel.
Shuffling furniture
Stowing doors

Sharon finally broke down and ordered the rods and hardware bits to make roller shades. She is working on "remodeling" the curtains she made for the parlor a few months ago.
Roller shade rods
Sharon also ordered lace curtains for the dining room. She ordered the Meadow Lily lace curtains, a design dating from 1910, being offered by Burrows.
Meadow Lily lace curtain
Meadow Lily lace curtain

Salvaged fir boards
Yesterday, Sharon, with some short spurts of help from Jeff, spent another full-day stripping salvaged fir boards. Several of those boards removed from the kitchen had originally been stained; she had to sand down through the outer layer. We should have more than enough now to finish our closets in the master bedroom.

Jeff mostly finalized the design for his closet. Now it's time to acquire the rest of the materials, and the saws, and get to work.

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  1. Kelly's been designing an add-on for our house--a real laundry room--using SketchUp. I didn't know what program it was until yesterday when I was looking to cover up an annoying bright light on the desk. :)