Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Leaded Glass

This morning, Jeff did the very messy job of cementing the kitchen leaded glass panels.
The panels have to dry for 24 hours before we can clean and buff them up.

While Jeff was busy with that, Sharon got started on the next pair of panels for the dining room. Then once Jeff was done, she started building them. We're getting better at this. We've started treating this project more like an assembly line and cutting all the glass up front then putting the panels together. It also really helped this time to have a second copy of the pattern we could cut up to trace onto the glass.

We really zoomed today. We assembled both dining room panels in about five hours. And there was almost no fiddling to get the last border piece on because we had better luck cutting the pieces the right size to begin with. Also, the pattern was designed better this time. (Thanks Jeff!)


  1. That looks fantastic! What kind of edging did you use? Is that some of the newfangled zinc came? It looks like it has a bead and a flat.

  2. Yes, it was a funky edge zinc came. We needed a thin edge that would fit in the cabinet along held in with a small moulding, but rounded edge. Though, we were lucky enough to have a local source. Cascade Metals in Canada makes all these cames, so you'd think you'd have an easy time of getting them.