Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Leaded Glass Started!

Sharon determined can be quite a force for productivity! Today we finally solved the border came problem we've been avoiding. We went to a local stained glass store and then they sent us off to a stained glass restorer's business.

The stained glass restorer told us nobody uses lead came on borders anymore. That would explain why none of the local businesses carry it. If we special order it we have to buy an entire 45-pound box and it could take weeks to arrive. And, unfortunately, we need three different sizes of lead came!

So, today, we finally surrendered and bought zinc came from the restorer who was willing to sell us some from his own stock. (He doesn't sell supplies—he makes new stained glass panels and makes repairs for people.) We just bought enough for the kitchen cabinet. We still need to find some more in the right sizes for the rest of the doors or reuse the old lead came from the existing panels.

Anyway, we bought zinc border came. Then we needed to figure out how to cut it. People in the business buy expensive saws; we didn't want to. But somebody on a stained glass forum suggested this tiny 2" cut-off saw sold by Harbor Freight. It is pretty cheesy but it works! And was loads easier than a hacksaw and miter box.
All the border pieces are now cut for the kitchen cabinet!
Now we need to get the final measurement with the came in place and print out the leaded glass pattern in the correct size. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days.

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