Saturday, March 17, 2012

First Panel Assembled!

Success!! This is our first time making leaded glass together, so we're pretty excited.
It fits!!
This morning we started out fiddling with the center six pieces trying to achieve a better fit overall. We did a bit of grinding then decided it was "good enough."
Fiddling with glass pieces to improve fit--almost there!
Then we started with soldering the front side. Too bad we couldn't start with the back side, because by the time we had finished the front side we were getting a bit better at our technique. It's been quite a while since we've soldered so we started out a bit rusty and some of the seams are a bit sloppy.
Soldering the front side!
Soldering the back side.
We found this interesting technique for soldering zinc corners without having the solder spread out too much. It wasn't totally successful, but it did seem to help a bit.
Soldering corners
Then we got to take the panel upstairs for a test fit! It fit perfectly in both doors.
Test fitting in cabinet
Once both panels are completed we're planning to finish the panels with a multi-step cementing process and polish them up. Maybe we'll also blacken the came; we haven't decided yet.

These panels are going much faster than we expected. Maybe we'll also manage to make the dining room panels before the kitchen tour. That would be nice.

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