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Jun 1913: Albee Home

The Sunday Oregonian, 15 Jun 1913
Mayor-Elect Albee's Home in Laurelhurst One of Portland Most Striking Residences
Arrangement of Interior is Along Simple Lines, Although Finish is of Costly Material--
Individual Ideas is Carried Out in General Design--Dwelling Represents Investment of $35,000
Among Portland's most beautiful homes is the residence of Mayor-elect H.R. Albee, which is situated on East Ankeny street, in Laurelhurst (overlooking Ladd Park). The house is unique in many details and was designed in accordance with Mr. Albee's individual ideas of residence construction.

It is a two-story brick structure and was built at an approximate cost of $25,000. Together with the site the home represents an investment of more than $35,000.

The interior is of elaborate finish, yet is designed along plain lines, giving a restrained and homelike atmosphere. The library is finished in quarter-sawn oak, the walls and ceiling being paneled with the same material. The drawing room is in white enamel. The dining room is exquisite with its finish in selected West Indian mahogany. One of the features of the house is the beautiful mahogany staircase leading from the entrance hall. The sleeping apartments are finished in hand-rubbed old ivory and white enamel.

The Oregonian, 27 Mar 1910
H.R. Albee Buys Solid Block as Site for Fine Home

A number of sales of considerable size were made in Laurelhurst last week. H.R. Albee bought all of block 20 for $21,000. This property directly adjoins Ladd's Park on the north and contains eight lots, but the entire site will be utilized by Mr. Albee as a location for a magnificent home.

With the arrival of Spring preparations are being made for building by a number of purchasers in Laurelhurst and the building activity within the next few weeks.

The work of planting the shade trees in the parking strips of the first section was put under way last week. Several blocks were completely finished on both sides of the street. Installation of the water and sewer mains is developing in good shape and the paving company will soon be at work laying the asphalt streets.

The Oregonian, 4 Apr 1912
H.R. Albee's Magnificent New Home

Mr. Albee is building what, up to this time, is the finest home in Laurelhurst. The exteriors walls are to be done in red pressed brick and the interior, as shown from the design, will be a perfect dream in beautiful hardwoods and ivory enamel.

The house has a frontage of 90 feet and occupies a commanding site overlooking Ladd Park. Features of the interior design of this magnificent home are: The spacious hall, finished in the finest of mahogany and floors of maple; the dining room, with its doors of bevel plate glass, beamed ceilings, paneled walls of mahogany and maple floors; the living room, 18 by 31 feet, with its old-fashioned colonial tile mantel and enamel finish, and ivory enamel finished chambers on the second floor, all floored with selected white oak.

While Mr. Albee's home is elegant in all its appointments and, when completed, will be one of the finest homes in Portland, it is but a type of many homes already built by discriminating homebuilders in Laurelhurst, and is but a forerunner of many others that will go up in the splendid residence addition during the coming year. Lovers of beautiful homes naturally turn to Laurelhurst as the one residence in Portland in which to buy and build. Nearly every building site in the entire tract affords a magnificent setting for a fine residence, yet Laurelhurst lots are today lower in price than in any other high-grade exclusive addition in the city. Add to the extreme low price of Laurelhurst lots the fact that we are giving a 15% discount to home builders, as well as helping them finance the building of their home, and you have the reason why more than 200 residences were built there last year.

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