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Mar 1912: Big Strides

The Sunday Oregonian, 24 Mar 1912
Big Stride Made at Laurelhurst
City’s Premier Addition Scene of Remarkable Activity in Dwelling Construction
More Than 200 Residences Started Since January 1 and Plans Are Made for Immediate Erection of 225 More Buildings

Laurelhurst, one of Portland’s finest residential districts, has been making remarkable strides since the first of this year. In less than three months there have been planned and completed more than 200 residences, representing an aggregate expenditure of over $1,000,000. Some of the dwellings underway will be among the most attractive and striking in the city and will range in cost from $15,000 to $30,000. Many of the houses will cost from $7500 to $12,000 and scores of fine homes are in course of construction will cost around $5000.

In addition to the pronounced building activity there has been a brisk demand for homesites. Since January 15 there have been sold 225 lots to homebuilders exclusively. All these lots will be improved with modern homes during the year. From present homes during the year. From present indications there will be erected in Laurelhurst within the next six months at least 400 homes and before the close of the year it is predicted that this addition will have over 700 homes.

Admirably located, with a delightful view of the mountains and containing all standard street improvements, Laurelhurst has always attracted a fine class of homebuilders. Nearly every house that has been built of modern construction and of a distinctive type of agriculture. While building restrictions are nominal. It seems to be tacitly understood among purchasers of lots and builders that houses costing less than $5000 would not quite come up to the standard of construction that has been established in the district. There have been built several pretty bungalows which cost, perhaps, less than $5000, but owing to this attractive type of architecture the general appearance of the addition has not been lessened but, in reality, has been improved. A substantial and home-like atmosphere prevails and home-like atmosphere prevails that will always make this addition one of attractiveness and character.

Homesites Most Attractive
To homesites in Laurelhurst compare favorably with residence lots in the highest-class additions of cities much larger than Portland. In fact, there are few cities in the United States that can boast of additions that are more inviting of more modern than Laurelhurst, yet the values in this addition are much lower in comparison. According to statistics that have been compiled, there are 13 cities between 100,000 and 400,000 in population in which prices for homesites are from 50 to 400% higher than prevail in Portland. Compared with the location of Laurelhurst, the great majority of the high-class residence districts in those cities lie further out from the business centers.

With the immense growth that Portland is making and with the great activity in home-building in Laurelhurst, it is predicted that lots in this addition will be selling at an advance of 25 to 50% by the first of next year.

That tourists who visit Laurelhurst are delighted with the high standard of development there is shown in the statements expressed by a large party of travelers who were conducted through the district last week. The visitors were from Chicago. One of the members of the party said:
“Laurelhurst is, indeed, a revelation to me. One can travel all over the country and never see a finer residential district. Everything is modern and of a substantial character. The class of homes one sees there, taken as a whole, cannot be surpassed in any city of the country. The view is inviting and the air is pure and invigorating. The addition has everything to make it an ideal residential district. It is certainly a great credit to Portland.”
Similar expressions have been given by scores of visitors from all parts of the country.

Beautiful Dwellings Rise
One of the fine residences under way is the 12-room dwelling being built for H.R. Albee. The residence will be of brick exterior and will be of Italian Renaissance type of architecture. The interior will be finished handsomely in mahogany and other hardwood material. The home will cost $25,000. There are five lots included in this building site, overlooking Ladd Park. It is expected that the home will be ready for occupancy in about six weeks.

The eight-room residences of Waldemar Lind, at 33 Floral avenue, has been completed and is now occupied. The house is modern throughout and was built at a cost of $6000. The one and one-half story dwelling of A.R. Wallenberg at 41 East 34th street, is another attractive residence. The cost of this house was $5000.
Upper: Home of H.R. Albee, overlooking Ladd Park
Lower: Home of Waldemar Lind, Floral Avenue
Photos from The Sunday Oregon, 24 Mar 1912
The new homebuilders’ investment company, organized by Chapin & Herlow, last week purchased 20 lots in Laurelhurst for $30,000 and will improve all these homesites this year with modern residences.

Among the important sales made in the addition the past week was the transfer of 20 lots to the Provident Investment & Trustee Company. This company will build modern dwellings on all these sites during the year. J.H. Tillman has just completed a fine home on Floral avenue, near East Couch street and will start the erection of two additional dwellings on East Ankeny street, near Floral avenue, A.J. Cartwright sold last week a new house at East 39th and East Davis streets for $6000 and has another home about completed.

Ernest Feldman has completed two dwellings and has three more underway. He is negotiating for five additional sites on which he plans to build houses this summer. Stewart Wilson is building a fine home on East Everett street, near East 39th street. Lloyd Lawson has underway and attractive bungalow on East Everett street. This dwelling will cost $5000.

Addition is Popular
Dr. J.D. Fenton has had plans completed for a handsome home which will be built at the corner of East Couch and East 33rd streets. J.A. Peters, apartment house builder, will begin at once the erection of a home on East 39th street, near East Hoyt street. This house will cost $10,000. W.A. Carpenter is investing $27,000 in new dwelling on East Flanders street, near Floral avenue. Fred Brown will build on the corner of Hazelfern avenue and East Flanders street. H.W. Lempke has purchased five lots and will build modern residences on these sites this spring. Moore brothers have purchased ten lots and Louis Montgomery has acquired five lots. Dwelling will be built on these sites this year.

The Adams Contracting Company will improve seven lots and the Spencer-McCain Company will build on seven lots this summer. A.E. Oliver has purchased a lot on East Oak street, near East 39th street and will build a home costing $5000. D.S. Schick is having built a handsome Colonial home on Floral avenue, between East Alisan and East Everett streets.
“We have been well pleased with the activity that has characterized operations in Laurelhurst since the first of the year,” said F.F. Mead, of Mead & Murphy, selling agents. “The people of Portland are realizing more and more that the addition is one of the most attractive home districts of the entire Northwest. From present indications, there will be more new homes built in Laurelhurst the first half of this year than there were erected in 1911. Virtually all of the leading contractors making a specialty of home construction are now operating in Laurelhurst as they find greater demand for homes in the district than elsewhere. It will not be long before Laurelhurst will be completely built up with beautiful homes.”
Upper: A.R. Wallenberg's Home, 41 East 34th St
Lower: Home by Spencer McCain, 115 Hazelfern
Photos from The Sunday Oregonian, 24 Mar 1912

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