Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sold Prineville House

We decided to sell our house in Prineville to the renters, so yesterday Jeff and I ventured to Prineville to move a load of our stuff from the workshop. We got almost everything in one trip. The house closes later this month, but we have until January to get all our stuff out. We're planning to return in the next few weeks, before the snow starts, to move the last load. 

The Portland side is a bit of a mess, but we were able to fit almost everything in the basement storage. I am glad I spent so long sifting during the last couple of months. Unbelievably, we haven't had to stash anything in the garage. And I'll be getting rid of the the extra couches as quickly as possible.
Once we finish my closet, I will resume my sifting efforts and hopefully get rid of a lot of stuff in this storage area.


  1. I'm sure you'll find homes for everything you don't need.

    1. Once we get rid of the couches, we'll be in good shape. Almost everything else is already out of the living room.