Thursday, August 12, 2010

Craigslist Rocks!

Today was mostly spent shuffling furniture around, trying to figure out the final placement of furniture pieces, and then unpacking into the furniture once we were reasonably sure it was in the right place. We now have night stands in our basement bedroom! During Jeff's last trip down to California, he picked up two living room end tables and two bedroom night stands, all Bentwood, in the same finish as our other craigslist pieces! Yah for craigslist!

Jeff and I have spent several hours today cleaning and touching up furniture and taking pictures. I'm in the process of listing several pieces on craigslist in an attempt to help declutter the house. We have a number of cherry pieces left from California that we didn't have time to sell and I didn't have the foresight to call a charity to come pick them up before we left, so they got thrown into that last POD. (Unfortunately, then some the stuff we actually did want to keep wouldn't fit.) Though, on the bright side, that enabled Jeff to go pick up those Bentwood furniture pieces in California, so I don't consider that it was a wasted trip.

I also went ahead and listed our Wells Cargo trailer, because it doesn't fit at this house. The wheel base is too wide to fit down the driveway, so it needs to go. Hopefully we'll be able to find someone to take it off our hands fairly soon because it's blocking our driveway.

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