Monday, August 30, 2010

Decision Hopefully

Today we decided we really needed to pick a remodel firm; time is passing and we both start school again soon and won't have much spare time. I finally got tired of trying to gather more information about which remodel firm to go with and caved into Jeff's preference, Green Hammer.

I would say the main reason I gave in is because when we mentioned some of our reservations about hiring them, they actually offered us a guarantee that if we don't like their initial design work, they'll refund our first $2500. So, they have $2500 to convince us they'll get it right!

Craftsman Design and Remodel would have cost $6,000 if we had them design our remodel and then didn't have them do the work—and we wouldn't even own the plans to take elsewhere. So, I guess we'll give Green Hammer a try.

There's just too many projects we are hoping can happen before the rains, and we don't want to spend money on repairs and then end up ripping up the repairs next year when we remodel. I'm hoping we can get enough design work done that we can hire out those small bits this fall. Specifically, the roof over the driveway leaks. Probably because when they put on the new composite roof they didn't bother to reroof the back side; it is still an old metal roof. And clearly there is a bad junction between the two.

Also, the front steps leak into the basement. I'm hoping we can put in some less permeable steps up front, maybe concrete steps with a brick veneer, like in the picture.

If Green Hammer manages to send over contracts tomorrow without any stupid errors, we will presumably sign them and write our first check. I really hope this works out....

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