Thursday, August 5, 2010

Picked Up Our Trailer

Yesterday we did a bunch of westside errands, including picking up our trailer. The trailer has been out at Wendy and Ross' since February 2009; I'm grateful they were willing to store it for us.

Once we arrived back at home, we unloaded most of the SCA gear into the garage, which is now getting really full. This morning, Jeff drove the trailer into a trailer repair place to have them repack the bearings.

Our current plan is for Jeff to drive the trailer down to California for one more trip to retrieve the last pile of stuff, and then when he returns, to sell it. It's just too big for the driveway here, especially with the porte-cochère over the driveway. We've already had a lot of interest from potential buyers, but nothing included any kind of dollar amount, so we'll see how easy it is to sell.

Once we sell the current trailer, which is a 6'x10', we're probably going to buy another smaller one, maybe a 5'x8' or smaller (we'll figure it out once we go shopping). We're hoping if we keep a trailer, then we'll be able to downsize to one vehicle. The main reason we were keeping the Ford Ranger was to haul stuff, like yard waste. But, if we have a trailer on hand, then we can haul stuff in it instead.

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